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Leak detection wall slab
Let experts find and Fix any kind of Leaks.

Slab leak refers to leaks in water lines running below the concrete floor of your home/ building. If these leaks not detect properly and immediately may lead to worth damages and expensive repairs. Trust on experts for water leaks detection and repairs to protect structure of your building against serious water damages. Tetra Construction has professional and well trained team of plumbers and technicians proficient to tackle wide range of leaks issues including slabs, water pipes and sewer lines. We work with latest tools and equipments including highly sensitive electronic equipment to locate and identifying most accurate wall/ slab leaks with minimal disruption to property. With non-destructive solutions, we ensure fast, reliable and affordable leaks detection and repairs services.

Tetra Construction is trusted partner of major insurance companies, building managers, private and commercial property owners helping their water restoration and plumbing needs for years. When wall leaks detection/ slab leaks detection and repair services needed in Brooklyn, NY trust of Tetra Construction
Leak detection wall slab Leak detection wall slab
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