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Tetra Construction Corp

Quality, Reliability and Professionalism all you need to build your Vision

TETRA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY is a leading Commercial and Residential General Contractor serving the Diverse and Numerous market segments.

We have earned strong recognition for undertaking all sorts of big and small projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies and making a difference for our clients, employees, community and environment. We helping you in making your vision come true.
Construction companies of New York and New Jersey serve diverse market of commercial and residential construction needs.

We are full services company covering all your residential, commercial and industrial construction needs and solutions like roofing, waterproofing, concrete, brick pointing, interior and exterior façade repairs, violation removal, sidewalk shed and scaffolding. We specialize in all aspects of construction, remodeling, restoration, repair and installations work. We believe in promoting safety of life so all of our work conform OSHA standards.

General Building Contractors Tri-State Area

Tetra Construction proudly serves 5 Boroughs of New York City throughout Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for years.
Over time TETRA construction has established relations with leading architects, developers, construction managers and suppliers provides full assistance in making wise decision. Give us a call Today! and get Free Estimate of your next building project.
philosophy and core values of tetra construction
Philosophy & Core Values

We strive towards better and improved services through innovative technologies to meet your building needs. Integrity, reliability, professionalism and quality are the true strength of Tetra Construction. We committed to deliver top quality and affordable construction services with unparalleled efficiency and dedication.

OSHA compliance - construction company safety policy
Safety Policy

We are proud member of OSHA; ensure a safe work environment for all employees and clients.

Roof work

Brick work

Foundation Work

Stucco Repair

Roof repair

Brick pointing

Remove Violation

Repair crack


Brick wall

window Caulking


Stucco work

Brick steps

Window sill

Stone work

Concrete work

Exterior Brick work

Parapet wall

Stone pointing

Paving stone

Interior Brick Work

Exterior wall repair

Tile work

Side walk

Exterior Brick pointing

Stop leak

Exterior paint

Masonry Work

Interior Brick pointing

Power wash

Brick replacement

why choose tetra construction contractor

Why Choose Us?

Put us to the Test, we are better than the Rest. Tetra Construction, NY based company specialists in Commercial, Residential and Industrial construction, Remodeling and Renovations projects. Our passion is to provide better life, that enables us to put all of our efforts helping you and your house become a better acquainted.

What makes a difference when you choose Tetra Construction?


All our work compliance with OSHA safety standards. We ensure safe work environment for employees and neighborhood.

Consistency & Quality

We are master of consistency & quality. Fully informed with latest industry standards and trends can assist you from concept to creation.


Equipped with latest technologies and building expertise can help you in all aspects of construction, remodeling and renovation for domestic and commercial projects.

Diverse Services

We offer diverse service with unvarying quality. When you work with Tetra Construction, rest assured you get true value of money.


Keeps you informed about work progression at every step to ensure highest level of satisfaction.


Completely devoted to meet our commitment. Always dedicated to done job right, on time and within budget.