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Concrete Work / Sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk Contractors

Concrete work has conventionally been one of the most common materials used for paving. The inevitable cracking of concrete leads to a long-term cost that can be greater than installing paving stones. We are leading Concrete Contractors in NYC offering specialized concrete sidewalk construction and sidewalk repair services. We expertly handle all breakouts and repairs work by leveling or replacing old concrete sidewalk, patio stone and landscaping. Tetra Construction is your dependable concrete contractors for full concrete work including concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways, concrete decks & patios, concrete walkways, granite steps, sidewalk violation removal and much more. We strive to done quality work for every job.

The Concrete Sidewalks built by the well trained professionals at TETRA Construction Company. at a very reasonable price don’t just provide you a smooth, gorgeously attractive and enduring results but also enables you to get free Consultation, Inspection and free Site visits.

Concrete Contractors in Bronx New York

TETRA Construction is a leading Commercial and Residential general contractor serving all five boroughs of New York City, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. With our attentive and experienced professionals, we provide you with every kind of construction need including Concrete sidewalks, stamped concrete, patio, paving & walkway construction

Whether your requirement is a few feet of concrete repair or a complete reconstruction, we have got the perfect skills to get the Job done safely, satisfactory and within time. We believe that one should repair the minor cracks in sidewalks before they develop into potentially alarming situation.

Tetra Construction Sidewalk Services

TETRA Construction offers various types of services with superior quality of workmanship, craftsmanship and equipment. Being fully informed with the latest trends and the modern equipment, we bring your dreams to reality.
Are you looking for an excellent concrete contractor in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut to establish your dream or make your life a bit easier? The experienced and well trained professionals at TETRA Construction are always dedicated to build up your project beyond your expectation.

Our Services include:

  • Sidewalk construction

  • Sidewalk repairs

  • Patios & Concrete decks

  • Concrete sidewalk

  • Concrete driveways

  • Granite steps

  • Sidewalk violation

Why choose us?

TETRA Construction is a fully Licensed and Insured general contractor. As well as all of its work being fully compliance with OSHA safety standards, TETRA Construction ensures the safety of all of its employees.

And the most important thing which the customer considers is the Price. But here at TETRA Construction Corp. you don’t need to worry about the price. We are always committed to provide our customers the best service within Budget. Call us now! Install decorative concrete sidewalk which gives you long lasting performance.


Concrete Work / Side walk Concrete Work / Side walk Concrete Work / Side walk Concrete Work / Side walk
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